Above: Trinidad Christian Center (TCC) was treated to a fashion presentation by Lynda Osborne. July 2014

Lynda Osborne chiffon Boho-style frill dress and pants dress

Lynda Osborne Futuristic Cubism H-line dress

Lynda Osborne chiffon Boho-style frill dress and pants dressLynda Osborne Futuristic Cubism H-line dress 

Above: Flashback to Lynda Osborne’s teal bridal gown paired with Andrew Ramroop’s groom’s white suit from Savile Row, London.

Close-up of teal-green dress below:


Fashion presentation at the Hyatt with ExportTT, 2014.

Newsday captures Lynda Osborne Cubism collection, 2012.

Reviews from CF style online magazine.

Below:  Flashback/ The Sunday Guardian captures Lynda Osborne designs  from her previous Valpark boutique

Above: Lynda Osborne  in one of her Saori handwoven tops 1992
 The Saori handweaving project with my Japanese friend Tsuya Ngochi.   1991