Below: A D’Krewe design from Carnival 2016, skirts and sleeves produced by Lynda Osborne


Below:   Young Aryan wins best mascot costume with Sunflower costume designed and made by Lynda Osborne.

Below: Section “Fruit Offerings” from TheWordCarnival 2013, Their design; entire costume produced in-house by Lynda Osborne.  Body suits with made-to-measure bra-cups, headpiece, belted skirts, leg wear  and arm-gear with fruit plate.fruit-offerings-manufactured-by-lynda-osborne-for-the-word-carnival-band


 Nancy Jackman & Friends, Queen’sHall, Port of Spain   Costuming produced by LyndaOsborne


Below: Lynda Osborne design, Carnival Queen Pageant 

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