1. For fashion wear, what ages do you cater for?   Our fashions cater for a wide range from 18 to 65 years of age,   You can be young or young-at-heart, daring or conservative, fashionably-trendy, individualistic, or simply classic in taste.
  1. Can I order online?   Yes,  you can order online . We can guide you with your measurements to get the correct size or sizes.

  2. Who make your clothes?   We make all our ladies garments, and would sometimes out-source dependable associates for particular men’s wear, depending on the item.

  3. As an individual client,  are the offerings affordable?   Our garments are quite affordable and reasonably-priced. You get value for your money, in fit,  fabric, design and choice of color.

    Are your prices cost-effective for a non-retail buyer?   Very cost-effective.  In instances where our prices are sometimes just a few dollars more than competitors who sell similar products, you get  more value to the item.