Lynda Osborne Bio


Fashion designer Lynda Osborne, highly creative and an expert in her field,  quit her government job of ten years to open a boutique supplying her own designs in ready-to-wear and custom-made outfits. Specializing in one-of-a-kind fashions made by her, she soon became well known for her unique styles, her bridal and entourage designs, and local pageant gowns.  Later on, she had the privilege of being called to be on the judges’ panel for pageants.

After the first two years, under the design label of Lyn Borne, she went into manufacturing her garments and began supplying two major local department stores, as well as boutiques in Trinidad and the sister isle of Tobago.  She produced limited editions of trendy casual wear, swimsuits, semi-formal wear and evening wear, while continuing to provide custom-made fashions to her individual clients.  With an in-house staff of no more than seven persons assembling and finishing the garments, she singly handled the sales, designing, cutting and fabric surface treatments.  During the initial three years in manufacturing, her  stylish sun-time pant sets, dresses and skirt sets included interesting detailing, as well as screen-printing, hand-painting and Shibori-dying on cottons, linens and jersey fabrics.  Her Christmas collections saw unique cuts using designer textiles and sequined fabrics.

In 1991, Lynda was invited to sample Saori handweaving of fabric from a  visiting Japanese weaver/artist brought in by the Japanese embassy, and for a few years, she created hand-woven fabric pieces and explored viable product possibilities. These included shawls, clutch purses and soft flat shoes,

Later, she diversified into fashionable office wear,  and also delved into the carnival arena, producing true full body costumes for a  major leading large-category band for five consecutive years.  Her own designed section was made the band’s opening frontline one season.  During all this time, she was self-taught in designing, with a knack for developing her own advanced techniques from basic learnt garment-making skills.  With the advent of the computer, she would later come to realize that the knack applied to any creative tool, as she quickly taught herself and  transferred and upgraded her art and design skills on the digital platform.

In 2008, Lynda took a 4-year hiatus, and went on to attain a Bachelor of Fine Arts honours degree in Fashion Design in 2012, gaining some insights into the formal systems in the industry, while making comparisons with the real world.  After those years of full-time study,  amidst challenging changes in the industry, she re-started her business in 2013, under her full name LYNDA OSBORNE.

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